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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Live In The Moment

According to National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), 25% of U.S. adults struggle with depression, anxiety, or some combination of the two. What's more alarming than 1 in 4 adults struggling with these two are the fact that 34% of adolescents were found (same research by NIMH) to be living with Anxiety or Depression. 

Depression, often focused on what happened in the past and reliving it over and over again, and anxiety, worrying about the future and the unknowns of what's ahead of us, are two things that do nothing but rob the joy from our reality and keep us from being thankful for the here and now we find ourselves in and living life the way we are suppose to! I learned a long time ago if you'll live in your "3-Foot World" and only think about things you can impact or control, then you can get through anything! Your attitude, character, effort, focus, mood, love and faith are just a few examples of what you can control. What other people say, think, or do; how they feel or react; in addition to taxes, the weather, traffic and college football are a short list of things you can't control. 

You only get one shot at life, when you waste it worrying about something that isn't promised (and is out of your control), or sad about something you can't redo, then you are not making the most of the opportunities freedom affords you here in this great country. You can do anything, be anything, and trying anything you want because so many gave up their tomorrows for Your Today, live in it!! Live your life to the max and don't be chained down by anxiety and depression, because as we are learning now, it's not ONLY holding you back, but will your kids as well.

We teach a lot at Down Range ( about living in your 3FW because so many of the youngsters come to us from situations they can't control, parents that made bad choices, families that aren't great, pasts that have scars, and questionable futures. The best thing is, the exact message a fifteen year old boy needs to hear is often the same as the thirty-five year old mom, forty-two year old dad, or twenty-two year old college student: "You have the ability to change your life; you're not a victim, you're in charge of not only how you feel, but what actions you take and NO ONE ELSE. Take responsibility and know that self-doubt and self-pity will rot your mind and soul. Be You!" 

So, whether you find yourself worrying about how someone is going to act or feel tomorrow, depressed about the choices someone made, or thinking you'll never be able to change, take some truths we believe and put them into action around the details of your life (email me if you need help):
- I am responsible for my thoughts, words, feelings, and actions; therefore I can change them
- My theology can override my biology
- Learned behaviors (depression, anxiety, anger, etc.) are not inherited through genetic lines and can be cut
- Baggage only goes as far as you'll carry it (no backpack ever finds its way home without a student carrying it)
- If you live fully in the here-and-now then there won't be time to think about the past or future
- If it's true for others, and others can do it, that means you can too
- Not being able and not wanting to change are two different things
- Danger and Fear have nothing to do with each other. Danger is very real, and fear is completely made up. That is why you can be in so much danger and be completely calm because you have no idea; yet on the other hand you can be completely safe and entirely full of fear. 
- It's all a choice, your choice & yours alone
- Look up Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) and the ABC Model. Basically, what you think and believe controls what you do and how you feel, NOT what others are doing to you or what's happening around you. Change your thoughts and your behavior changes. 
- Don't like how you're feeling, change your thoughts!
- Your mind can be the weakest part of your body or the toughest. An anchor and symbol of your strength, or a crutch to your stumbling through life slowly relying on others

It's all about ownership and responsibility! No complaining and whining, and do your part and then let others do their's!

Hang Tough,

PS - Paisley is going to be the toughest little girl you've ever met: psychologically emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually! I mean she's already adorable (as seen on Daddy Duty)
All the reason in the world to live in the here and now for me, what's yours?

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Paintball Course Fundraiser

Down Range is excited to announce our newest addition:


Our newly constructed paintball course consists of two buildings with multiple rooms, several fighting positions and two fortified bases. Down Range now has two sites for groups to choose from to play in and several options of scenarios they can choose to participate in. Down Range staff will also provide not only safety training and demonstrations, but will also facilitate tactical training and education for teams before they lock and load. 

At Down Range, we don't just "play" paintball where everyone gets a gun, 250 paintballs, and goes wild shooting everything. We are unique in the fact that we always provide scenarios (recreate real life events such as Black Hawk Down, The Alamo, or Op Red Wings) that involve strategy, mission planning, role assignments, and proper execution, which is always harder when someone is shooting at you - even if it's just paintballs. 

We are also having a fundraiser to celebrate the addition of the paintball course! We are going to construct a sign located on the paintball course that will provide an awesome visual of Down Range's community support. In addition, we are also providing two raffles for a chance to come out with friends and personally experience the paintball course! This fundraiser begins now and will end on Labor Day. (29 Days) 

Here are the details! 

Below is an example of what the sign will look like (size and color of actual sign may vary). 
We will use the photographed sign to keep track of our progress. Once the fundraiser is over, we will use this sign to guide the construction of the actual sign on the paintball course. 

The words "Down Range" and the border are divided into 250 sections. There are two options for participating in this fundraiser. 

Option 1

There are 100 sections in the words "Down Range." When you donate $100 to the CJ Stewart Foundation we will write your name and hometown in one of these sections. Your name will be on the actual sign located on the paintball course! We will also enter your name in a chance to win our $100 raffle. The lucky winner will receive a 4 hour rental of the paintball course for up to 16 players. This is a value of $760. 

Option 2

There are 150 sections that make up the border on the sign. When you donate $50 to the CJ Stewart Foundation we will write your name and hometown in one of those sections. Again, your name will be transferred onto the actual sign once it is constructed! We will also enter your name in a chance to win our $50 raffle. This includes a 4 hour rental of the paintball course for up to 8 players. This is a value of $405. 

The winners of the two raffles will be drawn on September 10th

After the fundraiser ends, we will begin construction of the sign for the paintball course! Until then, we will keep you updated on our progress!! Please share this post on your social media page to help us spread the word! 

How can I make my donation? 

We recommend you use

This is the fastest and easiest way to donate! 

Or you can send a check to:

CJ Stewart Foundation
P.O. Box 739
Clinton, MS 39060

Please clarify on your check that your donation is for the paintball fundraiser. This will help with tax deduction forms. 

Step-By-Step Guide:

1) donate $50, $100 or more 

2) send an email to with the correct spelling of the names and hometown you desire to be written on the sign (please include your donation amount for clarity). 

John and Mary Smith
Brandon, MS

Donated $50

3) share this fundraiser on social media


1) Can I choose which section I want my name written in? 

Yes! You can choose as long as that section has not already been chosen by another donor and as long as the $50 donations are in the border and $100 donations are written in the words "Down Range." 

2) What happens if I want to donate for more than one section? 

If the sections are next to each other, we can write you name larger to fill up all the sections you donate for. We will also put your name in the raffle for each section you donate for. 

3) What if I want to donate and have my name written on the sign, but don't necessarily want to play paintball? 

You can do one of two things: 
You can notify us that you want your name removed from the raffle. Or you can simply gift the day of paintball to someone else if you were to win the drawing. 

4) How long will my name remain on the sign?

We cannot specify exact longevity of the sign, but we can say this... "We have no intention of taking this sign down for a very long time." 

5) Who do I contact if I don't win the raffle but still want to come out and play paintball? 

Please visit our website www.cjstewart.organd sign up there! 

6) If I win the raffle, how do I schedule my day to play paintball? 

The winner of the raffles can email C.J. at to schedule their day for paintball. We are open on weekdays and weekends. We will do our best to coordinate a time that works well for both you and the camp. 

7) Can I reserve sections on the sign?

Unfortunately no reservations can be made without payment. Once your donation is received, we can then proceed with specific sections on the sign. 

8) Is my donation tax deductible?


9) Who can I communicate with if I have any further questions about this fundraiser?

Please feel free to communicate with Abby Blackburn regarding this fundraiser. Her email is

Thanks for your continued support!
Hang Tough

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

The Heart of a Symbol

This Christmas was a wonderful one! The Stewart family visited NYC, Danielle and I got to spend a week in Massachusetts, and my favorite holiday did not cut me short on friends, food, family, and laughter. We did a lot of different things: visited the Statue of Liberty, Christmas Eve service, played multiple Yankee Swaps (that's dirty Santa for my southern folk), and ate incredible meals in both NYC and Boston. But the one stop early in the trip I just cannot get away from was our visit to the 9/11 Memorial and Museum in lower Manhattan. 

I've actually had the honor (look up the actual definition of that word) of being on that hollowed ground previously, but this was the first time I got to visit the musuem itself and see the freedom tower and reflecting pools completed. It alone is well worth a trip to NYC.

My whole life, I've been a fan of the Statue of Liberty and what it means, truly a symbol of freedom for all of the world to see. I've admired the fact that for millions, yes millions, seeing that symbol as they passed Liberty Island and entered Ellis Island meant one thing for sure: they have arrived in the land of opportunity. The United States of America will never hold a title more deserving than simply being a place where men and women can live a life worthy of what they put into it. You're not owed anything else here. Not free housing, food, happiness, internet, or education, but merely the opportunity to freely make of your life what you wish. The picture below is of Ellis Island and Lower Manhattan taken from the Statue of Liberty. 

How awestruck the immigrants must have been years ago, because it still is so powerful to think about in the 21st Century. But the "Mother of the Exiles" used to be the symbol of freedom, liberty, opportunity, and the core of this country that I love. That was until a Tuesday morning in September, 13 years ago when my world changed. 

I've officially lived longer in the post 9/11 era than I have lived before it, so I take for granted the way of life that has changed drastically for us. So for me, the symbol of this country at its greatest is still in New York City, it's just at the site of the terrorist attacks on September the 11th, 2001. The values that America were founded on are constantly in debate as being relevant today, or even being correct. That is, until a moment like that fateful day in September. It was in that moment of pain, hurt, weakness, and utter brokenness that true oneness was displayed by all humankind within these borders. I can't help but think that one day I'll get to take my kids there and tell them that this is where America's stand against terrorism started. I want them to know that the suffering experienced on that piece of ground was more than enough for over 3 million service members to voluntarily go into harms way and fight evil face-to-face in the name of humanity.

Ground Zero will forever be the new millennium's starting point to understanding the modern perspective of freedom and duty that we have as free Americans to not only our brothers and sister here, but all over the world. All of those thoughts run wild when I'm standing on the streets of Manhattan looking at areas such as the reflection pools, which stand where the North and South Towers of the WTC used to be as seen below.

It's was while looking over the names engraved here that I glanced down at my right arm, which has been exposed to so much personal pain and suffering physically and I thought, "Yeah, it was worth it!" I don't need reminders and confirmation of much, but when I think of all the families that are forever changed because of 9/11, I will gladly endure a lifetime of pain to prevent others from sharing in the suffering of innocence being lost by evil acts. 

The prevailing thought I continue to have was about my brothers in the 101st Airborne, and all the Warfighters who have looked evil in the eye and stood face to face with the worst this world has to offer. I couldn't help but think of how different the backgrounds are of the guys that are currently serving in Bravo Company, as they were in my time, and my predecessors in Normandy, France. I thought of how vast the reasons and motivations were for each man that enlisted and in fact, remembered a quote I love from a veteran-run organization, "Men go to war for adventure and patriotism, but they stay and go back for their buddies." 

It's true, everyone has a reason for doing what they do, whether they know it or not is irrelevant. But what every soldier who has ever fought in combat has in common is this: every single one's conviction for duty began in the same place, their heart!! And for thousands, in fact I'd say hundreds of thousands, the journey to the hearts of so many began on that sacred ground. It is true, the big principles and beliefs are often overlooked or forgotten in the daily details, especially in war, but in the presence of great sadness, brokenness, and pain, I am thankful there was opportunity for triumph of good over evil! 

A humbling reminder is usually needed from time to time when one lives in a place of such opportunity and privilege as we do! My hope and encouragement is that you would not only remember what happened on 9/11, but also that you would see what this war truly is- good vs evil! And though we may have the luxury of our own, differing opinions of this war's basis and need, we are not privileged to our own facts, one of which is a famous quote by Edmund Burke, "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." 

Thank you 21st Century Warfighters that have made me proud to show my scars and tell my story to the world. One of which is proof that there are still men ready to travel the world to protect this land from our enemies and free people from oppression regardless of who they are. For that, I'm Proud I get to stand on sacred ground and think not only about my heart, but of the ones that I got to share my journey with! It is their hearts, along with the ones lost on that day, that serve as the modern-day symbol that freedom will always come with a price tag.

Hang Tough,



Saturday, August 2, 2014

Faith That You Look Back At

I just found this from back in the summer, but with the crazy camp life, realized I didn't post it on July the 17th as planned.  For all of you that know a little about our story, or any of you that have struggled with loss and coping together, but differently with it, enjoy and know you're not alone --- CJ

July 17th was the first difficult day in a long time at the Stewart cabin. It would have been Faith Anne Stewart's due date, instead it marked our calendar as a time of emotional pain and healing here. I will start by saying that I, CJ, dropped the ball on this day, but am so thankful I have a wife that loves me through the mess I often create. I deal with things much different than Dani, much different than most people for that matter. It may simply be that I'm just a guy, but I've got a hunch my life experiences have played a huge part into it. I lost more than a half-dozen guys in Afghanistan, I personally treated some "jacked-up" injuries on a few individuals, and following injuries, I spent 18 months with a lot of my brothers at the world's foremost trauma center, Walter Reed. So, I've become pretty desensitized to pain, physically, emotionally, and relationally. I closed that chapter of my life really when Danielle and I went through premarital counseling. It was the first time I really dealt with my experiences and laid some to rest. I've heard it said, and I now teach it, that sometimes there are things in life you can never truly get over, just simply getting through it daily is all we can do. Well losing Faith was the first time in a few years that I used my long-lost skill of walking through the pain of life, focusing solely on the Hope I have in Him, and forgetting the hurt I had presently. That's where I got into trouble, by expecting my sweet wife, and mother of Faith, to respond like me. Well for those of you that have been married for more than an hour, know how this unfolded. Danielle has responded to this challenge truly like a grace-filled disciple. She has shared this experience with hundreds of people showing them God's Glory doesn't hinge on our circumstances. She has not once questioned God nor has she once complained of fairness to this challenge. Her hope remains, solely on Him and I'm so thankful I get to be a part of her walk. Yet, she is still saddened at the fact that the daughter she carried for 18 weeks is not here and on some days it hurts her heart to think about where we would be in the process had this not happened. Yes, I am learning from her! 

Today though, as I sit here writing (other things than this blog) I was reminded of where we are now as a couple compared to before February 13, 2014. I can honestly say as I look back that Faith's story has not changed only our lives here on earth, but will change the lives of thousands for eternity. The love and life Dani and I now share, mixed with the passion and desire to share the Gospel with all that we meet, has a definite turning point connected to that day in February. Our future kids, natural (God willing) and adopted (by the grace of God) will reap the fruit from the grace, hope, and love that we have as a result of the seeds sown from this season. Sometimes, it takes looking back to SEE how God used a situation for His Glory, but I'm fortunate I get to look at her everyday and see God at work. 

So, husbands, fathers, brothers, and sons, don't just take a look at the women in your life, take notes from them! 

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Be Real

A pastor recently visiting from his church plant delivered an awesome message. His challenge was simple: share life, all of life and not just the good. That's a tough thing today when we live in a world that only uploads the good stuff to social media and when we do see drama on our news feed we often ask "Why doesn't anyone tell them to stop posting that?" I don't think the pastor meant for us to go out and put your family drama, or friend's gossip online, but rather to simply be real and acknowledge who you REALLY are. Patrick Morley said there are two yous: the you that everyone sees and the one that you & God see; and our goal is to make them the same! The first place you have to start being real with, is yourself. Dang ...

Which brings me to why I'm sitting here on blogger at 0700 on Wednesday July 2nd. July 2nd, for the rest of my life, will be the day I never understand, the day I never look forward to, and the day I spend the other 364 trying not to think about. 

For those of you that don't really know my life, I was hurt on June 15th, 2010 in Afghanistan and my first worry was "who is going to take care of my guys?" As a medic in an infantry platoon, I lived life with those guys knowing their lives may one day be in my hands, a responsibility I took seriously. After I got hurt, I dang sure didn't want just anyone going out there to the OP, I wanted the best for my guys. Well I took comfort in Germany when LT (Lieutenant) called and told me Jeff (David Jefferson) had taken over as 3rd Platoon's Medic. Back on my first day at Ft. Campbell, a sergeant told me to follow Jeff's lead, do as he did, and don't do anything he's not. He stood out as a worker, athlete, and his personality was second to none. Fast forward 5 months, I was relieved to know he had my guys now. Well, just 17 days after I was hurt, on July 2nd, Jeff was out on patrol with 1st Squad of my old 3rd Platoon and stepped on a pressure plate IED. He fought hard, and with massive injuries made it all the way to the medevac helicopter before his body finally gave out. When I got the news back at Walter Reed, from my teary-eyes Lieutenant, I didn't think about Afghanistan, I thought about Philadelphia, PA and the wife whose world would be rocked and the 1 year old son that would never remember his Dad's face. That's when I asked God for the first time since my injury, "What are You doing?" "Why him and not me?"  


I have a good life. I even dare to call it great and not because of the material blessing, friendships I have, family I love, life experiences I have had, ministry opportunities I get to share in, or wife that is outta my league. Rather, my life is great because I know that the God of all has chosen me for very specific tasks. The big and mighty God of the universe knows the details of my life and He cares about them, everything else is second to that as a reason for life being great.

I honestly feel that way 364 days out of the year, but today, I have to faith that instead of feel it. I've stopped questioning it (why God chose David instead of me), but I still don't/won't understand it. I take heart in the fact that God knows I hurt more on July 2nd than all 364 other days combined and to comfort me, He sent me a gentlemen 4 months ago (March) that asked if I could share at his youth camp on Spiritual Battle & Fighting For God on, you guessed it, July 2nd. I almost declined, because I knew my emotional status today would be different than normal, but the tattoo on my arm (My Brothers' Keeper) reminded me there is a transcendent duty I will forever owe to the men I got to serve with. To live my life in a manner worthy of their death that allows me the opportunity to.

So what does being real look like for me, it's sitting here preparing a message for a group of teens and knowing that God is giving me that message because I need to hear it today more than any 17 year old. I need to hear that God is/has/will always be fighting for me. I need to be reminded that God is greater than this world, all of it, and that the battles I get to fight in, They Belong To Him! At that, on July 2nd, I just humbly and obediently Say Amen and continue the fight, regardless of how I feel. 

Watch these two videos:
Let this one remind you of what the 2nd of July is about.

Let this one encourage you regardless of life's circumstances.

Hang Tough,

Saturday, May 24, 2014

It's The Small Things In A Small World That Matter

I tell junior high and high school students (even college and young adults for that matter) that it's a big ole world out there and not to settle for the norms of living in their bubbles. I mean it when I say it, there is SO much out there we can do with our lives that we often miss out on because we never leave home. However, the balance to that is the world is only big to us, to God, it's exceptionally small. I'm about to tell you about a small example of this that happened just recently. 

There are few things (by things I mean possessions or materials) I own that truly matter to me. I don't know why, but if I totaled my truck, lost my phone, or had a favorite gun stolen, I'd still sleep 8 hours that night. I do have a list of a few small items with huge meaning to me and my life. One of the most meaningful is my 101st Airborne Division Coin I was given in Afghanistan the day after I was injured. Since that day it has been 'on me' in some fashion; from Hawaii to Cuba, the ocean or the mountains, and even on my wedding day that coin has been with me. 

There are tons of reasons I carry this and love it so much. For starters, I have no pride about my military service personally, with the exception of pride for the fact I got to serve with the 101st Airborne Division in the bloodiest year of OEF. I served with 10 guys from (or attached to) my company that are no longer here and I take very seriously the fact it's now my job to live a life worthy of their sacrifice. It's also a reminder, that there are causes Bigger than you or me and the most fulfilling life is one found living for a transcendent cause. 

Well the other day, when I got home after being out all day, I realized my coin was gone. I checked all pockets again, both cars, and the house. Nothing. I told Danielle it was gone and that I guess it was time to say goodbye. There was no way we could retrace our steps and in 12 hours we were leaving for a 8 day trip. This was really it. 

As I was sitting on the porch that evening reading, Dani came out smiling from ear to ear and said "I have something for you to read." It was a Facebook message from the manager at Newks that said, "I have your coin, I know what that means to you, so it'll be on me until I see you again." I was amazed because earlier that day this same guy would not allow us to pay for our meal. After we gave the young lady at Newks our order, he walked up and said, "This one's on me, thank you for everything you do." Danielle and I spent that meal trying to figure out if he knew us from something in the news related to the Foundation, or if he could just tell by my appearance that I was a veteran. We said thanks on the way out as we left, not realizing I was leaving more than appreciation. 

That evening when I met Caleb, a Clinton resident that lives 10 minutes from Down Range, he informed me that he is a huge Tim Tebow fan and was at the fundraiser in April. He also told me he has brothers that have gone overseas and know what a unit coin means to a soldier. Before leaving, I gave him a coin he could keep, one that states, "Onward Christian Soldier" and made sure he knew how much I appreciated all he had done that day. 

That was almost a month ago and I cannot get past how crazy the events of that day were. No coincidence I know, but the bigger picture for me has nothing to do with a coin. Rather, it has everything to do with how in control God is of every detail of life. We acknowledge that He created the universe, but seem to forget He is still at work here on earth. Does He care about a Division Coin? Probably not, but He cares about me and uses my life and the things in it (a coin) to draw others close to Him. 

Today, I look at that coin a little different. It still reminds me of the heroes I knew that are no longer here and the obligation I have to love and live for them. But now, more than ever, I am reminded of how much God can work in small details of this life, if I'll stop getting in His way.

Monday, April 28, 2014

The Real Deal

I don't hold high expectations for many celebrities or athletes these days. It seems like every time you turn around one is getting arrested, divorced, or caught up in some scandal as a direct result of their status, not to mention, how they speak, act, or simply carry themselves. I know they're just people like me and you, but it seems like the moment the cameras start rolling, the rules stop applying. That right there is the reason I admire Tim Tebow and was stoked that he was coming to be our special guest at this past month's fundraiser. I admired him because no one has been ridiculed more and yet he has not only held fast to a life of taking the high road, but done it with a smile on his face. But how would he really be I thought? How's he going to act when it's not ESPN he's in front of, but just a simple guy from Mississippi trying prepare some youngster for this battlefield we call Life. 

I'm not a negative person by any means, but Tim Tebow absolutely blew me away from the first hand-shake. I cannot tell you enough about the genuineness, humility, love, and joy that just jumped out of his words the entire time I was around him. From the personal conversations to the meet and greet, there was not a single person he wasn't excited to see. But you would expect that part, at least hope someone would be happy to see fans that paid money to come see him. Where he went beyond himself in my book were two distinct places: the stage and to our mission. 

As we sat and talked backstage about the night, I wanted to make sure I knew any particular do's and don'ts he had, as well as the starter and finisher for the time on stage. With a Q&A format, we were going to bounce around all sorts of topics and really just go with the flow of the atmosphere. I wasn't ready for how sincere he treated the opportunity to speak in front of a few thousand people, knowing many there could use a word that could send them in the right direction. He wowed people with his humor about life as a college athlete in the south, but more importantly, he pierced hearts and minds with the sincerity of his words towards football being just a game. 
He summed up any and everything we need to know about him when he answered "How do you want people to remember you in 50 years as they tell their grandkids about you?" His reply was "Man I sure hope they don't use the word football." A humbling reminder from a giant in America's favorite sport that life is about more, in his words, "It's all about living to love God and love people." To see and hear the passion in his voice lets you know he was serious and sincere with those words. 

So that was one area, on stage, he let us all see into his life very personally. The second area he showed me he was the "real" deal was towards our mission. Tim changed up how the event was going to conclude and said he wanted to help deliver an ending that would 'jump start' some people's lives. Little did I know that this meant he was going to raise $50,000 dollars for us at the end of the program, $10,000 of which he committed to donating himself. I cannot tell you the amount of people that have come up to me since then and are still in Awe of that moment. It is something I firmly believe will be told by hundreds of people for a long time. Not for the money, but for the boldness of the act. 

But it doesn't stop there, I was told by his agent and executive director of the Tim Tebow Foundation that I really had an impact and motivated "Timmy" to do more. I thanked them, with some doubts to the truthfulness of their comments, but two weeks later I accepted them as fact when Tim invited us as his guests to an event in Monroe with the guys from Duck Dynasty.
Beyond the invitation and the first-class treatment, I saw Tim's genuiness towards The CJ Stewart Foundation when he introduced us to Jase & Missy Robertson as "The folks I was telling you about." Before I could say a word, Jase thanked me for my service and said it is awesome what you're doing now. Missy said, "Hey Danielle, it's nice to meet you." Taken back, I eventually processed this as Tim doing what he said he would do, not out of obligation, but out of sincere desire to help. 
I'm not sure if I'm more encouraged, humbled, or motivated through these last few weeks. I'm extremely encouraged in the fact that MEN I admire have boosted our spirits around the Foundation with some Godly encouragement. I'm humbled in the fact that a guy like Tim Tebow, with all of the opportunities in the world, has said he's on our team. But I think it's the motivation that I feel the most. Motivation, that with each and every experience and endeavor we have as a ministry, God is doing things beyond our imagination. This reminds me that I'm the weak link of this operation. That is something I needed to get my internal flame blazing, so that we are ready for whatever God has next and hopefully we can keep up with Him.

I got to ask Tim Tebow a lot of questions, and that experience changed my life in some ways, not because of hanging around him, or even what he said, but because I got to see his sincerity and genuiness for Life. The life that God gave him, he is using in mighty ways and I am 100% confident that he'd agree with me when I say to you, "God wants to do the same in your life- are you preparing for it or preventing it?"